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1:1 VIP
Self Mastery 


Reclaim Your Life from Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout to Transform All Aspects of Your Life

This is for you...If you want to learn how to master your energy to effectively beat burnout, reduce stress and anxiety, create sustainable lifestyle changes to minimize the extremes, feel amazing in your body, excel in your career, deepen your relationships, and elevate all areas of your life. 

You are ready for a holistic approach that is supportive of the vision you have for yourself and how you want to show up in the world.  


During these highly personalized, custom containers you and I will work on a 1:1 level to clarify your goals and vision for your life, uncover any energetic blocks that may be keeping you from getting it, and identify sustainable lifestyle changes to bring synergy and guide you towards the life you desire. 


We will develop a customized action plan for you to achieve your goals, create more awareness and to have more presence in the moment, be more in control over where you place your energy, find more balance and be genuinely happy, so that you can perform peacefully and attract more success without losing your edge. 


You will learn to master your energy and vibrate at a higher level, shift things intentionally in your life, feel amazing in your body, and elevate your career, relationships, and life in just a few months. 


1:1 Self Mastery Coaching Programs Include:

  • Clarity Questionnaire and Intention Journal to understand where you are today, your unique history, patterns, and challenges

  • Bi-weekly 60-min Private coaching sessions with Mel

  • Remote Energy Clearing sessions to powerfully shift your energy and amplify your results

  • A Emailed Report following the session summarizing the identified energetic imbalances, personalized notes and recommendations and positive reprogramming for subconscious mind

  • Pre-Session Questionnaire to assess and identify the area that needs focus so that you're always getting what you need

  • Weekly Action Steps to continue to move you forward 

  • Monthly Comprehensive Energy assessment reports providing information on areas of focus, lifestyle improvements and smart supplementation suggestions to bring balance to your emotions and overall health of your body. 

  • Accountability and On-the-go access to me via Voxer between sessions

  • Access to Worksheets, Materials, and other effective tools for change to move you towards your authentic self 


  • 45-minute “Integration Session” at the completion of your program to create a personalized plan to support you going forward

  • Balancing harmonics audio to listen to daily to improve vibrational frequencies and support emotional balance and health ​ 

  • Mini Reiki sessions to promote recovery and bring balance to your physical, mental, emotional and soul well-being

CLICK here to schedule a free consultation to make sure this is the right fit so you feel confident in taking the next steps and get a sense of how we can work together to get you to your goals. 

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