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BE . YOU. 
An Energetic Leader





Your Energy 


Your Leadership

In a world where high-achievement is your norm... redefining who you are and committing to it helps you achieve real success, the real kind that feels good too...not only looks like it.   

This VIP immersive virtual retreat is tailored for women who strive for excellence in every facet of their life. We will clarify your personal and professional goals and realign your energy so that you feel clear and confident about taking the next steps whether that's navigating a big decision in your personal or professional life, stepping into your next level of leadership, upleveling your career.


What if balance was an illusion? 

Imagine creating and being in a world where your professional success and deep presence with the people you cared about blended seamlessly together. You are your best self not only at work but the people who care about you. 

Gift yourself the experience of this 1/2 day retreat where you unplug from your daily to-do list, the pressures of your professional life, and the demands of your family, friends, or colleagues, and really allow yourself to get really clear about what you desire to create next on both on a professional success level and personal fulfillment level. 

Learn simple practices you can use to align your energy with your highest potential so that you can show up in the boardroom more confidently and lead with authenticity and true self-expression. 

Have the energy to move through your day without feeling exhausted, burnt out or wanting to crash mid-afternoon.

Enjoy the luxury of time spent pouring into yourself so that you are able to show up in your professional and personal life with more power and purpose.   

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Hell Yes! 

You are here because: 

  • You have been able to accomplish a lot in your life, but recently something feels off.

  • You know you are capable of more than just going thru the motions at work and with your family. 

  • You want to create more space to be productive and deeply present with those you care about. 

  • You know deep down you are in need of a reset and a break from it all to really recalibrate your energy, feel rest and rejuvenated to move forward most powerfully.  

  • You are Half-Assing things even though you are a Bad-Ass overachiever and want to step into your truest self-expression unapologetically. 

  • ...You want to treat yourself to a custom experience to clarify your vision and map out the steps to to fully embody your innate leadership in a way that feels less self-helpy and more luxurious day spa. This is the difference! 


Envision a Day Dedicated to YOU…

A day focused solely on you. Where each activity is designed to awaken your innermost desires. Through targeted coaching, holistic practices like meditation, breathwork, mindful movement, and deep, introspective exercises, we'll map out the steps to a life you've only dared to image - aligning your emotional, mental, physical and soul aspirations to unlock your next level of achievement, purpose and well-being. This experience promises not just insights but tangible action steps to foster habits that create lasting change. 

Imagine the Possibilities...

  • Waking up filled with a surge of exhilaration for the day ahead and starting your day infused with purpose and profound sense of your own power!  

  • Navigating the day's challenges with seamless grace and unbounded energy. Every task, whether work or play, is tackled with a zest that comes from being deeply in tune with your inner rhythms! 

  • Moving through your day with unwavering confidence, fully comfortable in your skin and radiating health.  This is you - fully embracing and owning your physical and inner beauty!  

  • Building relationships that are not just surface-level, but deeply authentic and enriching, both in your professional circles and personal life, infused with genuine connection! 

  • You are actively shaping your life. Unapologetically embracing every facet of your identity and leading a life with deliberate intent! 

...All of this is waiting for you on the other side of prioritizing yourselfaligning with, and embodying your true, authentic self.  

If you'd like to connect and make sure this is the right fit for you.

Click here to book a complimentary 30-minute consultation

We will get clear, pinpointing exactly what you want to achieve. Together, we will craft a luxurious, personalized experience that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations, complete with curated indulgences so you are fully ready for this life-changing day!

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