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Reset Your Weight 

Group Program 

This is for you...If you've tried multiple methods to get down to your ideal weight or have been unsuccessful in maintaining it, and you feel that something is holding you back.  We will do the deeper healing work and energetic alignment to create long-term sustainable change.

Join Waitlist for Fall 2023 Program 

This is for you. . . 

If you've tried multiple methods to get down to your ideal weight or have been unsuccessful in maintaining.  You feel that something is holding you back, you're still not feeling the way you want to feel in your body and your mind. 


You know you need something deeper to click to create a long-term sustainable change. In this 8-week program we will do both the physical work and inner-work for you to heal your past to release the weight. 


This is not a diet!  We all have emotions and memories tied to food, this program addresses the underlying core emotional, physical and mental issues.  Once addressed, you are able to optimize your health, break down resistance and anxiety regarding your ideal weight, and instill new healthy movement, mindset, and nourishment habits so you feel confident and radiant in your body, strong and fit from the inside out, so you don't need to diet again. 


Group Program includes:

  • Clarity Questionnaire and Intention Journal to understand where you are today and unlock your body's ability to heal itself and move toward your ideal weight 

  • Weekly Live Group Zoom sessions with Mel

  • Remote Energy Clearing sessions to powerfully shift your energy and balance your body to amplify your results

  • Weekly Action Steps to continue to move you forward based on the Five Pillar System (healthy nutrition, daily movement, stress and sleep management, healthy connections and mindset, and smart supplementation

  • Accountability and On-the-go Access to me via Voxer Group Support 

  • Access to Worksheets, Materials, and other effective tools for change to move you towards your authentic self 


  • Live Group Energy Clearing sessions to amplify the power of group healing 

  • Mini Reiki sessions to promote recovery and bring balance to your physical, mental, emotional and soul well-being

CLICK here to schedule free consultation to join the Fall 2023 group program. 


Investment: $777

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