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Create success on your terms.







Your Mindset.


With Confidence.

You've gotten to the top of your game

by making things happen.


Now, it's time to elevate your success by mastering the art of sustainable achievement and personal fulfillment. ​

Reach New Levels of Energy and Flow. 

Live a Life You Actually Love       

                                       ...Without Losing Your Edge. 


Ready to Supercharge Your Success
from the Inside Out?! 


My Energy Assessment is your first step
towards living life on your terms.

Imagine feeling energized, fulfilled, and authentically you every day.

As a high-achieving professional, you know how exhilarating life can be.

Now, picture maintaining your energy, health, balance, and fulfillment while embracing your true self. Imagine confidently stepping into your authenticity, effortlessly finding harmony in your busy life, and tapping into your full potential.


You have the power to thrive without feeling drained and overwhelmed—embrace your true self and experience the difference.

Meet Mel - Your Guide to Energetics Mastery & Authenticity


Hi, I’m Mel

Certified Energy Practitioner and  Holistic Lifestyle Coach 

I am an expert in holistic peak performance and corporate well-being consulting. As a double Board-Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner with numerous Master certifications in subconscious transformation techniques, I bring extensive knowledge and passion for empowering professionals. I help you find balance and harmony and redefine success on your terms. 


Using both traditional and holistic methods, I uncover the root causes of burnout and stress and restore your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. I understand the toll of burnout, stress, and overwhelm because I’ve experienced and navigated those challenges myself. 


​A successful, high-achieving female, who on the outside, looks like you have it all together; on the inside, it’s a different story.  


You’re exhausted, your work is overwhelming, your relationships are suffering, and you feel like life is controlling you.  


You know that something needs to change, that there has to be more to life, and that this way of living isn't sustainable.  

You’ve tried it all (therapy, courses, pills, etc.), yet you feel like you are missing something… 


That’s where I come in...

Get in touch today!​

Your Transformation Starts Here!


Everyone's transformation is unique. That’s why I am passionate about helping high-achieving, successful women reclaim their lives from stress, burnout, and anxiety. Together, we will create sustainable lifestyle habits to live your best badass life.


​Your uniqueness deserves a tailored approach. Whether you want to explore individualized coaching or corporate well-being consulting, I am committed to helping you reclaim your life from stress and burnout.

“There are things in our past that continue to affect us without ever realizing they're there and the impact they have.  In sessions with Mel, feelings that I had not acknowledged came out and were released. There was a lifting of spirit … a feeling of lightening. It was a very healing, and centering experience. I highly recommend Mel for this type of healing.”

Carol S. | Colorado

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