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Mel's Favorites

Holistic living helps to bring balance to our mind, body and soul by incorporating intentional lifestyle habits.  Here are some of my favorites that help me to feel good, and support my daily habits. Maybe there is something here that will support you on your journey.

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High Vibe Jewelry 

My focus is on creating Prayer Bead Meditation Mala Necklaces and Mini Mala Bracelets that not only look beautiful but also feels good, elevates your energy, and brings you positive vibes.

  • Mala Necklaces are hand-knotted

  • Custom Made to Order

  • Handmade with Love

  • Reiki-Infused & High-Frequency Charged


Healing Essential Oils offer pure solutions that can empower your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. Pure essential oils can support the release of emotional baggage, help balance mental imbalances, and physical health and longevity. 

Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 2.56.50 PM.png


Award winning, multi-patented Liquid Biocell Collagen that supports a clean-living lifestyle. A new generation of collagen, backed by multiple clinical studies plus numerous industry awards. 

Scout & Cellar 

Wine time can be part of a balanced life.  Why not drink wine clean, delicious wine? The Clean-Crafted Commitment is rooted in three key pillars:

  • Wine must be made with grapes grown without toxic pesticides.

  • Wine must be produced without artificial processing aids or ingredients, including added sugar.

  • Wine must not contain more than 100ppm of sulfites.

Untitled (378 × 282 mm).jpg

Picasso Jasper 

Who doesn't love cozy, comfy mystical - inspired lounge wear? Check out all the fun, high vibe options for workouts, running errands, girlfriend time or self-care time. 

  • Save 10% + Receive Free Shipping 


AO Scan Technology 

Every cell and organ in your body has its own distinct frequency. When these frequencies are in chaos, it creates disruption and dis-ease. 

  • Identify optimum frequencies for your cells, tissues, and organs 

  • Restore balance, harmony and well-being

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