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The Power Within

Transform Your Energy, Find Inner Balance, and Ignite Your Potential in Just 6 Weeks! 

This is for you...If your are a high-achieving professional or a wellness enthusiast seeking relief from work-life stress and overwhelm, invested in your well-being, and eager to deepen your understanding of energy healing.

Experience profound healing, deep self-discovery, and unleash the power within you.

Get ready to create the life YOU desire with renewed energy, clarity, and purpose!


Are you constantly feeling. . .

  • Overwhelmed and mentally exhausted 

  • Trapped in a cycle of stress caused by work-related pressures

  • Experiencing physical symptoms such as headaches and sleep disturbances due to chronic stress

You want. . .

  • Healthy life-work balance 

  • To stop sacrifice your own well-being for the sake of professional success

  • To get to the root cause of your physical or emotional symptoms impacting how you show up in life and work

If you found your way here, you are committed to your well-being and you have explored various tools, yet something still feels off. You have some knowledge of energy healing, but you desire a deeper connection and practical steps to enhance your overall well-being. Are you ready to reclaim your energy? 

Through this 6-Week Journey You Will: 

Develop a deeper understanding of energy clearing techniques and their profound impact on stress reduction, expanding your existing health and wellness toolkit.


Learn practical tools to release energy blocks, gain a profound understanding of your personal energy and how it influences your overall well-being and how to restore balance in both your personal and professional life.

Establish healthier energetic boundaries to protect your energy, and navigate various life situations with ease, to experience a significant reduction in stress levels and gain a sense of calm, mental clarity, and increased focus.

Empower yourself with effective strategies to manage work-related stress and prevent burnout in the long term, and experience a heightened sense of vitality, balance, and emotional well-being amplifying the benefits of other wellness practices you engage in. 

Join 'The Power Within' program and be surrounded by a community of support and guidance to uncover what's been holding you back and move forward powerfully in your personal and professional life. When you align your energetics, along with practical lifestyle habits you release the transformative power within YOU.  You are able to reduce stress, restore balance, and reclaim your well-being.


Sign up today to embark on this journey of personal transformation and empowerment so that you can live your life with more peace and joy. 


Group Program includes:

  • Clarity Questionnaire and Intention Journal to understand where you are today and unlock your body's ability to heal itself 

  • Weekly Live Group Zoom sessions with Mel

    • Week 1: Foundations of Energy Healing and Awareness - Gain an understanding of your energy body, energy imbalances, and impact on your well-being

    • Week 2: Clearing and Releasing Energy Blocks - Learn to identify common energy blocks and their sources, also techniques for releasing energy blocks

    • Week 3: Lifestyle Modifications for Energy Alignment - Learn how lifestyle impacts your energy, and healthy habits for energy alignment and vitality

    • Week 4: Mindset Mastery for Energy Transformation - Explore limiting beliefs and their influence on your energy, and how to shift mindset patterns for energy expansion

    • Week 5: Deepening Energy Clearing Techniques - Advanced energy clearing techniques for releasing emotional energy and past traumas for deeper transformation

    • Week 6: Integration and Sustained Energy Alignment - Maintain and protect energetic boundaries and integrate an ongoing energy maintenance plan

  • Weekly Remote Group Energy Clearing sessions to powerfully shift energy

  • Weekly Practical Tools to progress through a comprehensive journey of energy clearing and transformation

  • Accountability and on-the-go Access to me via Voxer Group Support 


  • Mini Reiki Sessions to promote healing and balance to your physical, mental, emotional and soul well-being

  • Unleash Your Potential Reflection Journal to embrace and continue your self-discovery, growth, and energy alignment

Investment: $ 697

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