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Revitalize and Reconnect

Mini Retreat For Mind, Body, Soul

Reclaim Your Energy, Rediscover Balance, and Embrace Transformation

This is for you...If life's demands leave you feeling drained and disconnected from your true self

And...You're longing for a life that's more balanced and feeling revitalized, and yearning for a deeper connection with your inner self. 

NOW. . . .Is  the Time to Restore

Your Energy and Thrive

Imagine a Retreat Experience where You can...

  • Recharge Your Energy

  • Fuel Your Soul

  • Rediscover Balance

  • Nourish Mind and Body

  • Connect and Thrive

  • Craft Your Magic 

Picture yourself...

Breaking free from the overwhelm, stepping into a life of balance, embracing resilience, and thriving in every aspect of your life.

Say YES to yourself! 

Registration Now Open! 
Fall 2023 Retreat

Life can feel like a whirlwind at times. The endless demands of work, the hustle, and the constant juggling of responsibilities can leave you feeling drained and disconnected from yourself. deserve more!  You deserve to feel balanced, revitalized, and connected to your inner essence. 

That's why I'm thrilled to extend an invitation to

Revitalize and Reconnect

Mini Retreat for Mind, Body, Soul 

Saturday 9.23.23 9am - 2:30

Denver, CO

It's time to give yourself the gift of rejuvenation! To reclaim your energy! 

Step back into a life you love!


Now is Your Time to Thrive

To my fellow stressed-out professionals, I see you. 


Your days blur into nights, dominated by deadlines and endless demands. You're seeking relief from the stress, the overwhelm, and the elusive work-life balance.


Guess what? You deserve a break. A chance to pause, release the tension, and reclaim your energy. This retreat is your time to pause, and your chance to learn techniques to transform how you navigate life. 

And to all wellness enthusiasts, you're already on a journey of self-discovery.


You understand the power of self-care and you're ready to take it a step further, and dive deeper into the realm of energy healing.


This retreat isn't just a few hours; it's an immersion into a world of energy and healing that’ll amplify your wellness.

Your Retreat Experience

Close your eyes and imagine the sensation of truly being in sync with your body, mind, and soul.  Imagine a day where the pressures of work and life fade into the background. 

Now…Picture yourself surrounded by like-minded souls, all seeking the same thing – a way to recharge and reconnect.


Through guided energy healing sessions, soothing yoga, transformative meditations, and the gentle embrace of Reiki, you'll experience a profound shift in mind-body connection.


You'll learn practical techniques to clear the clutter from your mind, to release the tension from your body,  to rekindle the fire within your soul and integrate balance into your daily life. 

And here’s the magic: This isn't just a mini escape. It's a starting point, a catalyst for real change that will radiate through every aspect of your life. 

I'm here to tell you that you are absolutely worth it!

This retreat is your key to unlocking energy healing and holistic living. It’s a glimpse into how reclaiming your energy can reshape your life, relationships, and career.

What's Included?

  • Guided Yoga and Meditation to Ground and Revitalize

  • Energy Clearing and Reiki to Reconnect and Rebalance

  • Workshop on Holistic Living for Sustainable Well-Being

  • Nourishing, Wholesome Meal to Fuel Your Body

  • Community Connection and Shared Wisdom

  • Personalized Self-Care Creation to Keep the Magic Alive


The Before and After

Remember when stress held you captive? When it impacted your relationships, career, and even health?

Now...Imagine breaking free, standing tall in the glow of vitality. As you move through life, you're guided by grace and resilience. Your relationships flourish, your career soars, and your well-being becomes your ultimate strength.

Time to Say YES!

Think about the last time you truly put yourself first. When was the last time you allowed yourself to be a priority? It's not selfish; it's essential.

Now Is Your Time! 

Join us at the Revitalize and Reconnect Mini Retreat for Mind, Body, Soul

Say Yes! Join us in Denver, CO for a journey that is all about YOU!

Saturday | 9.23.23

Early Bird BONUS

Reserve your seat by September 9th

Receive a Complimentary 30-minute Energy Healing Session and personalized energy healing plan that outlines holistic lifestyle recommendations after the retreat to continue your transformational journey.

(Limited to first 5 registrants) Value: $247​

Bring a Friend Discount

Receive a $33 discount for both you and your friend when they join too Code: FRIEND33

Spaces are limited.  Reserve your spot today!

Say YES to yourself and let the journey begin!

Investment: $177

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